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Free Pizza Tastes better at Papa John’s

I love me some yummy Papa John’s Pizza. Have you tried those garlic knots yet? So good and they taste even better when you get them FREE. I use rewards sites to get gift cards. These sites have all kinds of gift card choices, some even have Papa John’s. The one I use most for pizza gift codes is They have Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s. They also have easy ways to earn points that require no money, only a little time to watch videos,visit websites,play games and more.

You can earn points yourself or invite friends and earn a 10% lifetime commission from everything they earn. Some peoples only job they do is referring to and other great GPT sites.

But if your mission is just free pizza, you can easily do that with just a little bit of time spent on a fun site with friendly chat. That site again is See ya there 🙂

Free Papa Johns Gift Cards

Free Papa John’s pizza is possible by getting free gift cards. You can do this just like I do. I get free Papa John’s pizza at least once a week. I do this by using rewards sites. These sites are free to use and you gain points by doing stuff on the sites. Very few of these sites have Papa John’s gift cards and only one of them give you the gift card instantly. That site is and it’s a great site.

Let’s talk more about how to get the points needed to get the free gift card. This is done by completing little tasks on the site. The tasks are everything from watching videos, to searching the web and even taking surveys that pay a lot of points. That is not all though there are even more free tasks you can do to get the points you need to redeem the free Papa John’s gift card.

Registration to the site is free and it’s easy just go to and click join. then be sure to read the guides, the information there will make it even easier to get free Papa John’s gift cards.

I wish you luck in your endeavor to eat free pizza, I can tell you by experience that free pizza tastes even better.